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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hawaiian Shirt

Like with summer dresses for ladies, men can never have too many shirts. Especially if it’s a light and bright short-sleeved shirt for summer.

I often keep the patterns that I used and was happy with hoping that I might remake the same model in a different fabric or in a different color. However, the experience shows that the most successful patterns that I keep coming back to are the patterns for men shirts that I have sewn for my husband.

Having tested a couple of models of summer men shirts before (one with a loose fit, another – with a slim fit), now it is the matter of a few hours to make a new shirt. And no fitting required! And this past incredibly rainy spring I set to make a Hawaiian shirt for our next vacation.

#hawaiian shirt at katyasgallery.blogspot.com

Я часто сохраняю удачные выкройки, надеясь вернуться к понравившейся модели в другой ткани или цвете, но ни одна из них не пользуется таким продолжающимся успехом как выкройки рубашек для мужа.