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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Green Suede Blouse

I had been dreaming to make a piece in suede or leather by myself for a long time. But since it is quite difficult to find several skins of the same color and quality, all of my ideas and projects kept being postponed. Until last winter, when I finally found four beautiful suede skins of excellent quality and of generous size.
By then, my wish list of leather or suede projects was quite extensive, but I decided to try my hand with this tunic with a ruffle from BurdaStyle №1/2014. 

This project was picked by editors and featured on the homepage of the

 fashion and sewing site Burdastyle.com

Suede is such a marvelous material. And it is so versatile. It can be chic and luxurious or on the contrary - very bohemian and casually laid back. And despite its fragility and requirement of special care, suede allows you to cut and sew it in a way that would not be possible with other fabrics. For example, a detail constructed of several patches of fabric. Extra seams and patchwork effect only adds more charm to pieces in suede. Thanks to the generous footage of my suede, I had enough material to cut all the details of my garment in full. Only back detail of the ruffle on my tunic is made of four pieces.

Мне давно хотелось попробовать сшить что-нибудь из кожи или замши. И прошлой зимой мне наконец попалась великолепная замша глубокого цвета зеленого леса. Отличное качество, ровный цвет и наличие сразу нескольких шкурок в отделе кожи отмели все последние сомнения, и я решила попробовать реализовать одну из давно понравившихся моделей из журнала BurdaStyle №1/2014.